Fall 2015

Within these pages, we lay bare the best of undergraduate computer science research at the University of Toronto. For the budding researcher, we hope this will inspire and impel you to pursue the path of those published here; for the curious reader, we seek to clarify and distill, to further your interest in this varied and dynamic discipline.

This inaugural issue was made possible by dint of a tremendous effort from faculty and students alike. It was completed with great haste - its release coming barely four months after its humble beginnings - and its success is a testament to the quality of its contributors' work and its fastidious staff.

In particular, this review would not have materialized if not for these following individuals. They have my deepest thanks and eternal gratitude. Leanne Dawkins: for answering my incessant questions with indefatigable enthusiasm. Paul Gries and Marsha Chechik: for breathing life into a fledgling idea. Diane Horton: for bolstering this project during its tremulous start. Nina Haikara: for promoting this review like none other could have. Courtney Mogavero: for the amazing event at Google Toronto.

Sam Toueg: for your sage advice, your unwavering support, and your humor - I could not have asked for more. Jaren, Julia, Muhammad, and Sara: for the passion you brought during even the most difficult of times, and for your brilliance and infinite patience, of which I am in awe. It has been a pleasure.

Kawin Ethayarajh
Editor-in-Chief, RUCS


Jake Fear in Software Engineering : Visually Simulating Goal Models over Time

Ishan Thukral in Computational Biology : Using Android Wear to Detect Early Onset of Acute COPD Exacerbations

Kathy Ge, Sophia Huynh and Martin Petkov in Software Projects : SQL Visualizer

Sihan Zheng and Emmanuel Ifemade in Software Projects : Predicting Exam Results in an Introductory Level Computer Science Course

Christina Chung in Software Engineering : N-way Model Merging Game

Julia Gilenko in Profiles and Interviews : !Mediengruppe Bitnik: The Internet as an Artistic Medium

Jaren Kerr in Profiles and Interviews : Marc Andreessen: A Futurist and an Optimist

Kawin Ethayarajh in Software Engineering : Lifting a Model Transformation Language

Zhaowei Liu in Computer Vision : High-Accuracy 3D Scanning by Structured Light Transport

Ekansh Sharma in Computational Biology : Efficient Implementation to Identify Disease Mechanisms

Dan Plyukhin in Theory of Computation : Distributed Reference Counting for Asynchronous Shared Memory

Tim Alberdingk Thijm in Natural Language Processing : Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data: Corpus Refinement and Structural Topic Modelling

Yannie Lai, Fatema Chowdhury, Victoria Bukta and Tien-Che Lee in Software Projects : Collaborative Disease Diagnostics

Mohamed Abdalla in Natural Language Processing : Automated Classification of Discussion Forum Posts

Hengwei Guo, Oscar Chen, and Hubert Lin in Artificial Intelligence : An Intelligent Guidance System for People with Dementia in a Picture Description Task

Eleni Triantafillou in Artificial Intelligence : A Unifying Framework for Planning with LTL and Regular Expressions

Nick Frosst in Computational Biology : A New Similarity Score for Rare Disease Patient Matching: Exponential Back-off SimGIC

Yuanhao Wei and Kenneth D. Hoover in Theory of Computation : A Fast Single-Extractor Wait-Free Priority Queue


Editor-in-ChiefKawin Ethayarajh
Faculty SupervisorSam Toueg
Undergraduate Editors Julia Gilenko
Jaren Kerr
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