Fall 2016


Review of Undergraduate
Computer Science

Featuring the best of original student research, RUCS is the first publication, from a top 20 university, dedicated solely to undergraduate computer science. RUCS was founded at the University of Toronto and we are very excited to be collaborating with Cornell University for our 2016 issue, submissions for which are currently open. Prospective authors should refer to the submission guidelines and direct any questions to julia@cs.toronto.edu.

We look forward to reading your work.

Julia Gilenko
Editor-in-Chief, RUCS

You can view archived editions of RUCS below:

Fall 2015

  • What if my research is being published or has been published in a professional journal?
  • Professional journals often prohibit publishing elsewhere. While RUCS does not aim to compete with these journals in any way, as a precaution, your supervisor may not want your abstract published. To get their explicit consent, and to verify that they have reviewed your submission, the Supervisor Approval form must be signed.

  • Do I retain all rights to my work?
  • Yes, you retain all rights to your work. RUCS is a non-archival publication that is simply granted a license to publish your work online.

  • What happens if my submission does not meet all of the criteria?
  • If your extended abstract does not conform to the RUCS guidelines, you will be contacted about making the necessary changes to your submission. Note that if your submission differs from the guidelines to a significant degree, it may be rejected; for this reason, please read the guidelines closely before submitting.

  • If a substantial amount of research has been done but the project is not yet complete, is an extended abstract outlining preliminary results viable for publication?
  • Yes; discuss with your supervisor what the focus of your extended abstract should be. The structure of your abstract may need to be modified accordingly.